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Osmius 11.01 (Enterprise)

Name Notifications

Sprint 11.01

Date January 20101
Start Date 12/01/2011
End Date 21/01/2010
Real Hours 117 h

Feature Comments
Notifications Parameters stored on database
New Notifications screen prototypes
User scripts Avoid double upload of scripts
Events Allow root to change description of the events
Security View Groups/user relationship screen prototype
Osmius Store Paypal account

Osmius 10.10 Community

Name Osmius Community

Sprint 10.10

Release Osmius 10.10
Date October 2010
Start Date 08/10/2010
End Date 22/10/2010
Real Hours 198 h

This sprint had some delays due to the impact of an external project.

Feature Comments
Ads New advertises
Discovery Discovery per Platform
Linux32 SVN Backup
SVN Cleansing
Max Instances - Console
Max Instances - Web Services
Max Instances - Register Modal
Max Instances - Process and Triggers
Remove Features - User defined events
Remove Features - Agents
Remove Features - Discovery Agents
Linux Installer Build & test
Win32 Processes
Windows Installers
Test Linux32
Menus On Database Menus On Database

Osmius 10.10 October

Name Oktoberfest

Sprint 10.10

Release Osmius 10.10
Date October 2010
Start Date 21/09/2010
End Date 04/10/2010
Real Hours 261 h

This sprint has gone smoothly as you can see in the graphic.

Feature Comments
Alert Events User defined events which you can define logical rules between events
Statistical Events User defined events which you can define statistical operations over previously defined events
Osmius Portal LOPD & Store support
Zenoss Comparative Make an analisys to Zenoss Monitoring tool
CSIC Upgrade Upgrade CISC to version 10.07
Osmius Support Zendesk & Demo maintenance
Notifications Add filters to notification list

Things to Avoid

  • Some vaguely defined tasks (portal tasks)

Good Things

  • XP Pair Programming
  • Time of the tasks was estimated correctly.
  • Short sprint with no very high number of tasks but most of them were well defined/estimated
  • Short daily meetings.

Thing to do

  • Add more 'Next' tasks
  • We have to prepare better the 'Sprint demo' and try to present real cases.

Osmius 10.07 July

Name Osmius 10.07 rocks

Sprint 10.07

Release Osmius 10.07
Date July 2010
Start Date 02/06/2010
End Date 25/06/2010
Real Hours 454 h

This sprint has gone smoothly as you can see in the graphic.

Feature Comments
Subscriptions Change the notifications to be by availability by default (instead of availabiliy and severity). Fast user subscription to services
Web Services Added more webservices: add instances,…
Reports redesing Studt new reports design
Discovery Discovery of instances
Script management Improve scripts management
CSV Graphs Export to CSV
Drop Templates Drop templates
Community Agent Wizard to create easily a new Osmius agent bases on scripts
Bugs Solve detected bugs
Plugins Autobuild Process to generate the plugins
Infrastructure Create a test infrastructure
Support Tasks of Osmius support
Widgets Improve perfomance of some widgets

Osmius 10.05 Mayo

Name Plugins, more plugins

Sprint 10.05

Release Osmius 10.05
Date Mayo 2010
Start Date 05/05/2010
End Date 20/05/2010
Real Hours 12

This sprint has gone smoothly as you can see in the graphic.

Feature Comments
Support CSIC - CNB osmius deployment and support
Support Windows installer support
Agents All Osmius Agents availables in Windows
Agents LOG Agent improvement
Plugins All New Osmius Agents availables in Plugins
Osmius Portal Hosting migration
Visualization GIS improvement
Visualization Graph Visualization
Visualization MegaGrid Visualization
Infraestructure Last Instance State added

Things to Avoid

  • The meetings last long time.
  • Some absences in any daily meetings.
  • Some changes in the middle of the sprint

Good Things

  • Task preanalisys.
  • 'Next tasks' added.
  • Add more 'Next task'.
  • Short daily meetings.
  • Supporting/Consulting/Development synchronization.
  • Close impossible tasks.

Thing to do

  • Supporting methodology.
  • Extra-time to support.

Osmius 10.04 April

Name Osmius Plugins, Agents & Store

Sprint 10.04

Release Osmius 10.04
Date April 2010
Start Date 06/04/2010
End Date 26/04/2010
Real Hours 430

This sprint has gone smoothly as you can see in the graphic.

Feature Comments
Reviews We have installed & tested two monitoring tools: Zabbix & Pandora FMS. The results of this testing can be viewed on
Support We have defined a document to establish the Support Workflow
Build Plugins Process Automation process to build the plugins on C++ side
Osmius Portal/Store Portal Datamining, newsletters & Store
Plugins Plugins SDK & Console Plugin Management
Agents Development of the following agents:
Active Directory
Printer (Jet Direct)
Graph/Tree View Display Osmius Monitoring SLAs Configuration via graph/tree

Things to Avoid

  • Some task were poor defined
  • Demo time

Good Things

  • Task preanalisys
  • Less meetings
  • A lot of new agents

Thing to do

  • Add more 'Next task'
  • Estimate the demo time

Osmius 10.01 March

Name Osmius Evolution

Sprint 10.1 March

Release Osmius 10.01.3
Date March 2010
Start Date 23/02/2010
End Date 12/03/2010
Real Hours 406

This sprint has gone smoothly as you can see in the graphic.

Feature Comments
Osmius Portal We have started with the development of a new portal
The tool is Joomla.
The idea is to have a central point of info and a Osmius Plugin store\\Migration of old data
Producto Info
Professional Services
Internal DataMining
Windows Server Osmius Server now runs under Windows boxes
Test every process and agents
Prepare the installation Stack
Test snmp traps
Migrate scripts
Power consumption Monitoring New agent to monitor Amazing PDU
Osmius Plugins Make it easy to develop and integrate Osmius plugins
Analysis and structure done
Test Environment Improve the Osmius test environment
Export / Import Process to export data from an Osmius intallation to a new one

Things to Avoid

  • There are some features that need more detail.
  • Avoid resources with tasks in the sprint with no estimated times.

Good Things

  • Learn and incorporate a new tecnology (Joomla).
  • Good priorizing.
  • The demo was very focused (but a little long).
  • Short daily meetings.

Thing to do

  • Improve visibility (this text is a consequence of that)
  • Take into account the support issues aswell as bugs.
  • Prepare the “next” taks with a deeper detail.

Osmius 9.09 Sprint 1

Name IPHONE, LDAP, WMI, TAGS, TRAPS SNMP … Who can provide you more functionality?

Sprint Nine: 9.09

Release Osmius 9.09
Date Sep 2009
Start Date 14/09/2009
End Date 2/10/2009
Real Hours 353

As you can see in the “burn down” we have done the tasks very fast and we have been able to do new tasks from the “tasks stack”.

Feature Comments
Osmius Mobile Osmius Mobile - Control Panel
Osmius Mobile - Online Data
LDAP Research
Integration with Acegi
Web Services Add user
Remove user
Update User
WINWMI agent Scripts for remote monitoring
Modify agent structure to allow remote monitoring
Implement remote wmi: scripts in events
Change CUSTOM events behaviour: parse digits
Review val_len & val_text in every event
Modify initial_data (Update min_seconds = 10,EV20)
Research/Configure target system
Research/Configure target system
SNMP Traps Agent Study
snmptrapd installation & configuration
Handler script to spool directory
Agent skeleton
snmp spool timer
Trap to event translating
Server Inserts. BBDD
snmptrapd dameon controled by agent
Aggrupations, Tags Data Model, POM, XML
Generic Agg/Tags Screen (autocompleter)
Service Form
Events Service Tree
Maps Service Tree
Test Trees with big number of services
Aggr&Tags on IE & Chrome

Osmius 9.07 Sprint 5


Sprint Five: 9.05

Release Osmius 9.07
Date Mayo 2009
Start Date 2009-04-29
End Date 2009-05- 18
Real Hours 166

As you can see in the “burn down” chart this Sprint have some problems with “Services & Instrances Removing Process” task;

Feature Comments
Template Managment Make list editable
Save as Template - Javascript
Save as Template - SQL
Save as Template - Controller
Services & Instrances Removing Process Change Instance Delete Code
Change Service Delete Code
Instance trigger
Service trigger
Infraestructure features MAG configuration reset: JS, SQL, Controller
Instance link in AG configuration
TAGS Make tests with autoincrement,…
Change SQL (Table, selects,…)
New screen with Group & Instances – Controller
New screen with Group & Instances – JSP & AJAX/JS
Change Instance Tree
Instance Details Change JavaScript behaviour
Change/add SQL to retrieve events, instance ava/severity,…
Add instance ava/severity, warning, critical value to Graph
SQL To retrieve Instance Info
Controller Instance Info
AJAX JSP Intance Info
HTML Changes
Add INFO Check to ITIL Screen (JS & Controller Changes)
Master Agent IP NAT Tests
Server Listening in all interfaces Central Server Config *.ini
CS Listening in all interfaces
Task Manager Config *.ini
TM Listening in all interfaces
Process Server Manager Database Model
Server Manager Main
Process Manager
OSM_Server ACE_Process
Manager Servers State
Windows Server Compilation
Process Manager
Central Server
Task Manager
State Manager
Notifications Manager
Event fast editing
Apply to Template (JS, SQL & Controller)
Apply to Instances (JS, SQL & Controller)
Register Screen Change SQL to show only if not registered

Osmius 9.01 Sprint 3


Sprint Two: 9.01

Release Osmius 9.01
Date January 2009
Start Date 2009-01-13
End Date 2009-01-30
Real Hours 283

As you can see in the “burn down” chart this Sprint had a lot of problems due to unmanageable problems;

Feature Comments
Start / Stop Agent Start / Stop agents without restart master agent
Master Agent Independency Master Agent Reconnection
Agents Reconnection
Agents Cycle Life
Task Manager Independency (no pause)
Infraestructure Monitoring State_manager
Ping optimization
Insert events directly
Tests M & Bugs Windows
Test environment Design and organize
linux 32 server
linux 32 app client
linux 64 master
windows 2003 master
linux 32 other monitoring tools
Windows Support snmp interface
log interface
process execution interface
test agents
Solaris Support log interface
snmp interface
Tests - sockets time
process execution interface
Test solaris agents
Solaris Ready Logo
User Defined Events Modify user defined events
Working Shifts / Planned Downtimes Working Shitft & Guards - 1/2 hours
Service Tree Flag Indicator
Service Detail Modification: graphs & data
Reports modifications
Dash Board modifications
Overview Modifications
Data WareHouse Tests
Parameters Connect info
Instance redirection
Notifications Add filters to Notifications List
Add History in Interventions
Console Bugs Bugs
Agents:: Extended Silent Mode Analysis
Linux Tests
Add to Events screen
Installers Coordinate Bitrock I
Prepare Server Linux32
Prepare Master L32
Prepare Master L64
Prepare MasterWinNT
Prepare Master Solaris

Osmius 9.01 Sprint 2

Name Do it your self

Sprint Two: 9.01

Release Osmius 9.01
Date January 2009
Start Date 2008-12-01
End Date 2008-12-19
Real Hours 278

As you can see in the “burn down” chart this Sprint had some problems but we finally could make it. ;)

Feature Comments
Time Shifts The user can define time periods for the services to achieve SLAs.
Minor changes and dataware house information
Planned Downtimes Testing and robustness: You can program a downtime for maintenance reasons so the related services don't see its SLA affected.
Agents Deployment Send new agents to remote locations.
Update binaries.
All this in a centralized way: You don't need to deal with manual installation once you have a Master Agent “there”
User SNMP Events Create your own events from almost every agent based on SNMP protocol
User Process Events Create your own events this time reusing your oold or new scripts and commands
Log Agent Add a new event to monitor logfiles size.
Test and Robustness.
Update documentation.
Tomcat Agent Add a new event to check if applications deployed within Tomcat are up and running
Test and Robustness.
Update documentation.
Linux Agent Add a new event get processor temperature
Test and Robustness.
SNMP capabilities.
Windows Agents Compile and test every thing
Test and Robustness.
SNMP capabilities.
Capacity Planning Now the user can select which are the capacity events to analyze.
New reports to see ITIL Processes sush as Availability Management and Capacity Planning
Console Improvements New overview screen and Control Pannel.
Identify mandatory fields.
Faster data charts.
Test everything in FireFox 2.X and 3.0.X.
3th Party Software Channel New type of notification channel.
This new channel can execute user scripts.

Osmius 9.01 Sprint 1

Name Time shifts under the Sun

Sprint 9.01-1

Release Osmius 9.01
Date January 2009
Start Date 2008-11-04
End Date 2008-11-27
Real Hours 326

As you can see in the “burn down” chart this Sprint has been a good one from the begining.

Feature Comments
Solaris Ready Osmius master agents now run over Solaris 10 Sparc machines.
Also we have a new Solaris agent to monitor performance and availability
Time shifts in SLAs Now the user can define the availavility time shits for each service.
This is take into account to compute down times in the SLA compliance reports.
Planned Downtimes You can program a downtime for maintenance reasons so the related services don't see its SLA affected.
Console improvements Filter events by severity.
You can now delete instances.
New services attributes like service manager, service main user and emails
SNMP agent Osmius can now monitor snmp v1 instances!
Osmius installer New capabilities for the Osmius - BiTorck installer.
Reuse MySql.
Start-up and shutdown with the system.
User activity Processes and reports to track users logins and acknowledge events.
Overview New overview screen.
Number or active events chart by severity.
Number of instances by severity and availability.
3th Party Software Channel New type of notification channel.
This new channel can execute user scripts.
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