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In the installation process we prepare the system to host the Osmius processes, files and services copying files and doing the proper actions.
We've tryed to do this as simple and as less intrusive as possible.

At the moment the Central Server component of Osmius is recommended to run on Linux machines though it should not be very difficult to run on Windows and, of course, on other Unix flavours such as Solaris, HP-UX or AIX.

Master Agents are in charge of all the configuration tasks between one host and the agents deployed there and the Central Server and can run on Linux, Windows and Solaris.

Depending on the platform we have one set of available agents to do the monitoring tasks. Windows agents are ready to use the Windows API functions so it is not prepared to run on HP-UX servers. On the contrary the Osmius HTTP agent can run on all the available platforms.e HTTP puede ser ejecutado desde cualquier plataforma.

Is a good idea to review the Architecture chapter in the Osmius User Manual in this Wiki site to properly understand Osmius processes and architecture.

Be sure you understand Osmius Architecture .
(*) Things will be much more easier to install a complex distributed architecture

Automatic Installation

This automatic installation is very simple. Working together with BitRock we have created a really easy to use Installer program. This installer will use your Windows System if you have one or switch to console mode automatically.

You only have to download the Osmius installer stack, run it and follow the wizard instructions. The installer will copy the Osmius program files and make the correct changes into the configuration files. You'll also find an “uninstall” program file but we're sure you'll never use it once you see Osmius working ;).

There is one Installer for the Central Server processes and database and one installer for each platform for the Master Agent component.

The Server installer is available now for Linux 32/64 and Windows 32 platforms.
The Master Agent installer is available for Linux 32/64, Windows 32 and Solaris 10 Sparc.
Linux 64 bits installations require the package ia32-libs.
Remember we also have Osmius Server virtual machines installed and configured, ready to run and test.

You can access Osmius downloads here:

The installer (Central Server) will transfer Osmius files and also third party software such as Tomcat, MySQL and ADAPTIVE Communication Environment (ACE) Framework libraries. TomCat and MySql installation will respect previously TomCat or MySql instances in the server to separate and prevent incompatibility issues.

    prompt > chmod 755 osmius_server_linux32_installer_10.07.0.bin
    prompt > ./osmius_server_linux32_installer_10.07.0.bin
  • Follow the wizard instructions.

The main parameter is the IP address of Central Server

  • Open your Firefox navigator and type:
  • Osmius Superuser account is:
    User     : root
    Password : osmius

NOTE: To start/stop all (mysql, tomcat and Osmius processes)

  • On Windows: there is a menu to do these tasks.
  • On Linux:

Manual Installation

Manual installation is the traditional and a bit harder way. They say that the real system people don't do “click”. Using this way you can know and control every step and what is happening within your system. System administrators usually chose this installation and it is the one that our support team will use for sure in our customers' installations.

Osmius uses other FLOSS applications into the overall monitoring process. We'll give here some advices for you to install this third party software and make it a little easier.

You can download the binary files or compile the source code and generate your own files prepared to run on your installation.

Depending on the target platform the compilation process may vary. Click on them to see how to do it.

Installation F.A.Q.

  1. Can Osmius console be executed with JRE 1.6.x?
    Yes. Osmius installation install JRE 1.5.x, but Osmius console can be executed with JRE 1.6.x.
  2. Can Osmius console be executed on Tomcat 6.x?
    Yes. Although Osmius installation install aTomcat 5.5.x server, is easy install the console over a Tomcat 6.x server.
    We have tested 6.0.26 version (other version can cause errors).
    The only thing you have in count is review the server.xml file in conf directory and check URIEncoding=“UTF-8”. An example :
    <Connector port="8080" protocol="HTTP/1.1" 
                   redirectPort="8443" />
  3. Why discovery has failed ?
    You have to install nmap and net-snmp in the Osmius server machine.
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